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Enjoyed the world over, this medium pressure massage technique uses varied strokes of gliding and kneading to promote circulation, an overall sense of well-being and stress relief.

Specialised touch therapies

The Aura Balancing Ritual is a signature EQ Spa therapy, unique to our spa. The journey begins as you choose your intent, be it to be invigorated, relaxed or soothed.


The EQ Spa therapies are designed to restore your energy, remove impurities and leave you feeling renewed – glowing with health.

Unique Features

  What makes EQ Natural Day Spa unique… •  Cocooned within the leafy suburb of  Saxonwold, the spa is within easy travelling distance from the             highway and most areas of Johannesburg. •  Our specially selected therapists are holistically trained. •  The spa offers a sauna, steam room, Good Earth Café, a‘mindfulness’ […]

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WE PROUDLY OFFER YOU: Bespoke Therapies (unique to EQ) Facial Therapies / skin care Therapy Journeys / packages Time for men Specialised Touch Therapies / unique  in house massages Traditional Touch Therapies Body Therapies Perfect Finishes Hand Rituals Foot Rituals  

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SPA Etiquette

  We want your visit with us to be a fulfilling and beneficial one.To make this possible please take time to familiarize yourself with our etiquette guidelines below.            THE EQUILIBRIUM ENVIRONMENT The EQ Natural Day Spa is a retreat, a place of serenity and relaxation. We ask that: •   […]

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  THERAVINE TheraVineTM has been developed for you from the indigenous Pinotage cultivar grape seeds, grape skins & grapevine leaves. It contains internationally acclaimed active ingredients, in addition to powerful anti-oxidant ingredients – organically grown indigenous botanicals have also been utilized to ensure that you receive an extra-sensory spa experience and product performance. TheraVineTM facials […]

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Welcome to The EQuilibrium Centre of Wellbeing (EQ) Natural Day Spa

We invite you to pause and retreat with us for a while – come and experience the peace that a holistic way of life and balanced living bring, in our beautiful spa surroundings.
The EQ Natural Day Spa is unique, a haven where old meets new.
Resting beneath a canopy of trees, the tranquillity and beauty of the spa’s surroundings will make your daily stresses “melt” away as you are wrapped in the embrace of the centre’s healing energy.
Located in Saxonwold, one of Johannesburg’s oldest and most distinguished suburbs, the spa artfully blends today’s technology with ancient techniques and healing practices to bring you a sanctuary which restores your sense of wellbeing.
Whatever your need, our carefully selected treatments and products will take you on a sensorial journey towards finding your individual equilibrium. Our exclusive therapies and treatments (complimented by the more traditional spa offerings) skillfully harness and blend all of the senses to SOOTHE, RELAX and REVIVE mind body and soul.
Enter… allow us to help you relax and unwind, leaving behind the old and embracing the new as you are rejuvenated and restored to a place of wellbeing – where all the elements are beautifully balanced.